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Housing Options (Canberra)

Hi all,

My fiancee and I are moving to Canberra in July (from Alberta, Canada). We have been surfing Allhomes daily to gain a sense of what options are available within our price range. My question is this - it appears you can get more for less if you are willing to live a little further out - tuggeranong, woden valley, belconnen, gungahlin. Is the commute worth it? We are a professional couple, (early 30's) with no kids, we don't necessarily need a lot of space, just a second room for guests, but some of the homes in the surrounding areas look quite nice so we're just wondering if its worth the drive. We probably go out three nights a week - either for dinner, or a pub to just hang out. And run or walk at least as many nights. My fiancee's job is right near Kingston so that seems like an obvious choice to settle into, and although we have seen a lot of options in our price range, they are small for sure. Also, does anyone have experience with relocation consultants and rental furniture companies? We have a relocation consultant that my fiancee's company hired for us - do you think they'll be able to help us find the right place, in such a tight market? And there are several furniture rental places - can anyone personally recommend one in particular? Oh, and I want a scooter! Is that popular form of transportation in Canberra? We will have a car as well but I thought a second set of wheels to zip around the city on might be handy.

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