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migrating to australia -can use all help i can get (Canberra)

Hello all, I'm moving to australia (canberra) for good with my wife and a 7 year old son. I have friends in sydney and melbourne but none in canberra. I'm seeking help in arranging for initial accomodation for ourselves on a shared or independent basis. If any of you know within your circle who is willing to help offer a stay or has any knowledge of any accomodation available for my purpose, I'd be very grateful. I have checked online for rental accomodations already, but obviously I'm not going to be able to secure my own rental before i'm physically there. We're a family of 3 of indian background, however have been living in manchester england. Our son is very disciplined and well behaved and i'm not saying so just because he is my son :) Myself and my wife are very sociable friendly and polite peaceful by nature.

Also, Im very much seeking guidance for what are the good areas to live in. in terms of decent peaceful no nuissance neighbourhood with good access to shops and public transport and most importantly, a good public school. Although I'd be buying a car very soon after arriving there, easy acccess to bus stops and any other public transport is desired.

Any help would be welcome and shall be very much appreciated.. initial acccomodation is my main concern as I'm flying on 25th march. Also as you all can appreciate, I have a lot of vacancy for good local friends to connect with and socialise with.. so all good hearted souls are welcome :) :)

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

viral trivedi

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