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Mille GRAZIE, Muchas GRACIAS, DANKE!! :) (Canberra)

Hey to all, buon giorno a tutti, saludos a todos! :)

I am German/half Italian. I live in Chile and moved here for my job.

I would like to move to Australia and I do not have a visa and this point system does not apply for my job.

I am looking for job as Technical Writer, in Communication, Marketing etc. and I would need a sponsorship company.

I studied Technical Communication, made a degree in English at the Cambridge University and made my Master in Technical Writing.

I am working as Technical Writer since 16 years in the US, Germany, Italy and Chile in Government agencies and industry.

I write and speak fluently English, German, Spanish, Italian (second mother tongue), good French and Chinese.

Does anybody have experience searching for a job in Australia without a visa?

How can I find sponsorship companies in Australia?

Would it be a good idea to go "just like that" to Australia and search for a job there?

I would be so happy to receive any advise from you: Protected content

Thanks and a big hug for all your advices.
Muchas gracias, grazie e danke!
Ulrike Angela :)

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