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Relocating to Canberra - Need Information

Hello Everyone,

I hope I am posting this in the correct forum section. I recently saw this website as I googled for information about Canberra. I am hoping this forum can help provide me with some information.

My husband have received an offer to relocate to Canberra. We are both in our late 30's, no children. I've done some research via web about Canberra, though I find that there's not a lot of information. So, I figured the best way to get information would be from those who live in Canberra Protected content as a local or an expat relocated here.

Hope you can help on my queries about Canberra:

1) Life - What's it like in terms of sights, attractions, things to do

2) Cost of Living - What would be a reasonable salary for a couple with no kids moving to Canberra? Monthly average for food, utilities, transport (1 car only)?

3) Accomodations - Which area would you recommend to live in? Looking for safety, location (close to a lot of things without having to drive all the time)? Average rental rate for a 2 bedroom apartment/townhouse/duplex?

4) School - I've been working all my life. With this move, I have yet to find a job. However, I'm looking to go back to school to finish my graduate studies. My interests lie in: Human Resources, MBA, International Relations. Looking for a school with good balance of theory and practice, bonus if there is 1 semester that can be taken in European schools as part of curriculum. Choices are: University of Canberra or Australian National University Protected content is a better choice given what my interests are?

5) Websites/Links/Books - If you can recommend websites/blogs/links/books or other references where I can find out more about Canberra, that would really be helpful.

Sorry that I have so many questions. But, I would like to really know more about Canberra to help in our decision making.

Thanks very much. Looking forward to hearing from the Canberra residents and expats in this forum.


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