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Travel Insurance for Australasia (Canberra)


Hello there,

The only travel insurance I know is Boots in the UK, only my grandmother's home baked cookies are more decent - I am a photographer with several years in Chemistry at Uni and highly athletics serious sports, Leistungssport, in the background, yeah press releases on world championships and all that.

I saw this 'Now Health Insurance' travel insurance add on Internations last week, they are sponsoring Internations just like Lufthansa does, but was just browsing through the pages, so I started to wonder, what recommendable travel insurances are to cover Australia and Asia. I am not going to be more specific because I live and work in the UK at the moment, just interested to know. Any comments, suggestions etc.

I don't even know what one could all get down there where you are living, crocodile and snake bites, eucalyptus intoxication, who knows. I am just recovering from a slight Welsh cold, luckily not a flu, and that's enough for this autumn.

Oh the world is full of bacteria and these tiny little things what are they called, cockroaches, Amoeben, and what they are all called. The British Isles are such a nice place in this aspect, there are dudes living all in the woods cooking teas for you and the old sweetshops all over, yeah against the cold of course don't take me wrong, oh it's a paradise and now what's it like down under or where you are in Australasia, anything I should better be aware of.

I met a really nice man who is a natural healer from Tibet up here in Wales lately, and not only is he a fit and sportiv man but also an acknowledged teacher, it's nice to speak to him expecially with some NLP background information, and then, some days later, browse through a travel insurance catalogue on the Internations internet with all the dangers of the world and what could all happen if you were living on fast food and all that, so that's said who want's to list some advice here for the Australasian countries.

Carpe Diem and Tara Tara from the British Commonwealth
Oliver Schulze-Spaether e.U.

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