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Advertising?/Starting Remote Tech Support Business (Cancún)

I am wanting to move to the Yucatan Peninsula in the next 6 mths.
I have been viewing a lot of forums and everyone "especially English speaking expats" are saying they really need English speaking computer tech support there.
I have started my own online remote tech support computer repair business and want to get customers from the Yucatan Peninsula area before I move and keep supporting them and build the business further once I move there. My thought is I can start building clients there from my current location in the states as I am not bound by geographic limitations as I fix computers remotely on line so I can basically fix computers for people located anywhere in the world.
I will post an ad for my services on here in the proper forum category but I am looking for other places in Mexico to do some advertising also "paid and free". Do expats and other English speaking people in Mexico in need of computer repair use craigslist to search for services such as mine there? Where would be a good places to advertise? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

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