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Advice needed!!! Planning on moving to Cancun!!! (Cancún)

Hi everyone!

I am looking for imformation on living and finding a job in Cancun. Any input will be appreciated!
I am 25, from Slovakia, currently living in London. I am well-travelled and experienced with the positives and negatives of living abroad.
Im planning on moving to Cancun next April...till than I should be able to collect enough information about life in there and also should have some money saved up to move down there.
So my questions are:
Is it possible for foreigners to find a job in Cancun? I have a basic knowledge in Spanish and fluent in English. Mainly will be looking for a job as a waitress/bartender... I have years of experience...I would also be open to work as a nanny, in which I also have lots of experience. Is it logical for me to book a ticket there and have accomodation arranged and just look for a job?... I am willing to work legally or if neccessary illegally.
Also is the money earned by waitressing enough for a person to rent and apartment and afford basic stuffs?
I am in huge need of life change and planning on going there for 6 months and if needed work my butt off but also be able to enjoy the sunshine and club scenery there.
Thank you very much for any information in advance!
Have a great day!

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