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School (Cancún)

Hey expats!
I see a lot of parents having issues with schools and kids and things not working out due to so many different traditions and hoops to have to jump through and then find out your kid is not happy.

I have had this experience, I see and feel the educators are here for the money rather than the values that we Canadians and Americans look for in a positive child focused teaching environment where the educators are interested in teaching rather than collecting their next cheque.

Would parents like to get together and create a better school system for our expat kids?
I use Protected content to educate my daughter and I hired a friend to teach her the Spanish. She spends the mornings with her. (The program cost me Protected content for the year for English and math)
We are working on a curriculum with another teacher to help us have better learning and teaching techniques so our kids will meet or exceed the best school system education.

Would this be something you would participate in? Working on a curriculum that is geared to put the education towards our expat children so if they chose to return to Canada, U.S. Or stay they will be more prepared.

Let's meet and talk! If anyone is interested send me a message and we can talk about creating a better learning system meant for our kids!!!

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