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Living in Cancùn

Cancún is not only the tropical destination of which everyone is dreaming about for a vacation: living in this Mexican city is a unique experience! From the turquoise water, to the welcoming locals, to the vibrant traditions, everything in Cancún is exciting! Find out more in our guide!

Healthcare in Cancún

Mexico has a free, public healthcare system, which all expatriates working and living in Cancún will be able to access without charge. If you are employed by a Mexican company, you will automatically be enrolled in the state healthcare program, the IMSS. Expatriates working for foreign companies or that are self-employed will need to enroll themselves. This program will entitle you to use the secondary level of healthcare in Mexico, which is equivalent to most hospitals in the USA and Europe. The care and facilities are of an excellent standard, and most doctors will speak English. However, you will also have the option to take out additional private healthcare insurance, which would give you access to the top tier private facilities in the city.

Education in Cancún

Expatriates living in Cancún may want to send their children to an English speaking international school, as the public schools are all Spanish speaking. In addition, international schools allow students to obtain international qualifications, which would be accepted in their home country. In Cancún, there is only one international school, the International American School of Cancún, which follows an American curriculum. As a result, some expatriates living in Cancún send their children to one of the many other international schools in Mexico, or to school in their home country. Cancún also has a number of universities, including the Universidad del Caribe Cancún, the Instituto Tecnologico de Cancun, and the Universidad La Salle Cancun. 

Transportation in Cancún

Expatriates living in Cancún will be able to drive legally using the driving license from their home country. However, in order to avoid confusion if you are stopped, it is advised that you apply for an International Driving Permit, and have this translated into Spanish. The roads in Cancún are of a good quality, but during the tourist season they can become heavily congested, especially on the weekends, so expatriates are advised to drive during off-peak hours if they want to avoid the traffic. Cancún also has a public transportation system comprised of a local bus network. There are no intercity trains, but there is an intercity coach network that connects the city with many destinations around Mexico. Many people living in Cancún also make use of taxis, as they are cheap, reliable, and usually quicker than driving yourself. Cancún International Airport has flights to cities across the world, including those in North America and Europe.

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