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"Are we the only ones who haven't started yet ?" (Cannes)

This could be one feeling amongst business managers/leaders in a whole range of companies.... when considering their environmental approach.....

Some university students of mine and I have put together a brief survey to ask managers/directors/owners of whatever organisation they work with brief questions about this subject.... Public/private... big/small..... Industry/service.... in a whole range of countries....

The survey hopes to answer this question and many more.... The results should be fascination - and important too, we feel. Of course we're offering a summary of the findings to participants who ask. No costs. No risks. 100% confidential. Promise.

Your help - if you'd like to participate as a manager & if you'd be happy to pass the link on to others - would be very much appreciated.

(We've made it available in English, French and Spanish - if that helps :-)

Here is the survey link: Protected content

Many thanks !!

Tim Ellis

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