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Hi all,

Can anyone give me names of people they would recommend when it comes to immigration consultants.

I need to do a change of status and instead of going in circles with the process only to be rejected based on the wrong paperwork etc, i am willing to pay to have professional advise and guide on how i go about changing my work status on my Section11(b) visitors visa.

I have had a very bad experience in the past with wrong advise in Johannesburg with a consultant. I have paid stupidly expensive fees for poor service and then only to be rejected due to lack of paperwork. I then had to pay for an attorney to force HA for a answer before finally getting my Visa..i cant afford that process again!

I live in the Eastern Cape near J-bay but i am willing to travel to Cape town/ Western Cape. I heard the departments in the Western cape are allot more helpful than the ones in Johannesburg.

Look forward to any suggestions!

Krystal x

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