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Critical skills visa (Cape Town)

Does anyone have any insight on the requirements for the critical skills visa? I specifically want to know if it is necessary for a civil engineer to register with the engineering council of SA when he is already registered with his council in Italy. Is this a visa requirement? Two agencies have told us that it is, while a woman from home affairs has told me his council registration in Italy will do. However, this same woman also told me my partner needs to get vaccinated against yellow fever, so I don't know to what extent I can trust what she says.

Another question I have is whether he really needs to have a return flight to Italy booked although the visa is for one year minimum?

This whole process is so confusing and it seems not even the agencies know the answers. If there is anyone here who has recently got this visa and can give us any advice at all, even if not for engineering, we would greatly appreciate it.

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