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dogs and safety in Cape Town

Hi again,

we have a dog and we are thinking to move with him there. Although we love it so much It is a tiring, expensive process, so we are wondering if this is a wise choice, not only for us but for him! However, it has some impact on safety, and this is what I would like to know...

On the pro side:
(1) a dog may improve security when you walk. It's sort of deterrent, I guess
(2) when at home, he may alert barking if someone get even close to the door or the window.

bu there are also cons...
(3) you need to walk him often, and this may expose you to dangerous situation, specially in the evening.
(4) it may be difficult to find a safe house/apartment to rent. I read that also if you buy, some blocks doesn't allow you to have a pet.

According to your experience, is this analysis right? What do you think? Is point 4 really an issue in CT? We want to rent or buy an apartment or a little house for a monthly amount of about Protected content , not a penthouse over the beach. And we privilege safety.

Any hint or help very welcome.

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