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Getting a job / work permit (British Citizen) (Cape Town)

Hi there!

I have worked in South Africa and Zambia as a volunteer on a game reserve (as a research assistant and also educating South African school children and English University students on field techniques) and loved it! I am now very interested in getting paid work out there. I am in England at the moment.

How easy/hard is it to get a job and a work permit? (I'm planning to arrive just with a tourist visa to investigate job possibilities.) On arrival, would it suffice to have a bus ticket to one of the bordering countries to count as my onward ticket? Also, after my 90 days, would there be a problem in getting another 90 days just by crossing the border?

I have an Honours degree in Zoology and have just got back from South America, where I worked for three years as a multi-lingual eco-tourism research assistant, tour leader, adventure and culture guide and activity instructor.

My ideal job would be in tourism, preferably eco-tourism, but I have the impression that being a foreigner may be an obstacle. I have been considering the idea of teaching as a career as well (including at alternative schools). I have taught English and Spanish privately but have no qualifications (yet). I also have experience in interpretation/translation. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Thai. And I just wondered if fluency in these languages might be considered a skill that would qualify for an Exceptional Skills Work Permit...?

I would also be interested in finding out if it is possible to train to become some kind of activity or even fitness instructor/nutritionist or personal trainer out there. I have experience working as an activity instructor for activities such as ziplining, rappelling, snorkelling, biking and kayaking.

I have done a couple of temporary office jobs using my language skills but I feel that type of thing is not for me! I'm 29 at the moment and am not prepared to give up on my dream of a life outdoors doing something worthwhile...! I would be extremely grateful for any advice on these matters and hope to meet you all soon!

Thank you!

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