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Good Areas in Capetown (Cape Town)

Good evening everyone, I have been spending the last few weeks trying to get as much information as possible about the areas in Cape Town we would like to relocate to. Taking into consideration what I think my family needs (we have 3 boys) I am leaning towards the Table View and Flamingo Vlei area. Does anyone know of any negatives of living in these areas? From what I read online, it is one (or 2) of the safest suburbs to live, is this true? Are there any informal settlements nearby or really bad neighbourhoods? Are there any expats living in the area that can share their opinions? Are the winds as bad as what is mentioned about blouberg which is a bit closer to the beach? Right? Judging from what I have come across online, the houses are reasonable and it seems that u can can get much more for your money in terms of size and extras. Any information and advice on any other areas I should be considering would be appreciated! Many thanks in advance :)

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