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Is there any surfers here who want to join me? (Cape Town)

Hi guys, My friend and I are organizing a surf trip weekend from the 21 of August until 23 of August. Would you like to join us? Even if you are a beginner you can still join he is also a surf coach. :-)

It's all inclusive: Here is more detail!

Stay in a cosy cottage, roaring fireplace, fully catered traditional meals and the opportunity to experience the relaxed pace of the quiet tourist season. Bliss.

Arniston is loved by everyone who goes there, maybe because there are no shops. The water is so clear, the sand so white and the dunes so green. It is close to Cape Town and is worlds apart, with a surreal pace.

In terms of surf the sheltered bays offer offshore and clean perfect waves all winter.

The house and warm shower, fireplace and coffee and rusks are 5 minutes from the beach, the emphasis is on recharging with a bit of surf adventure. Meal requirements must be communicated beforehand, and the cuisine, the stimulating conversations and preparing mouthwatering dishes is one of my highlights in hosting groups.

Arrive at the fully equipped home to choose your bedroom, while your host prepares a range of Medditteranean inspired treats, a glass of wine, with feta and olives, pita wedges and cucumber, humus.

Let me know if you need more info! :)

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