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Occupational Health & Safety Tripartite Campaign (Cape Town)

Occupational Health & Safety Campaign

How many of us lost a family member, a friend or knew someone who lost their life in the mining industry?

Have we all not wished that we could have done something to prevent such an accident?

Now is the time to make a difference!!

The purpose of establishing this Occupational Health & Safety Tripartite campaign is to collectively reaffirm the commitment between Regulators, Labour and operations within the mining sector, for working together to successfully and holistically implement measures to embed a culture of care regarding Occupational Health and Safety and contribute to the achievement of ZERO HARM.

The Occupational Health & Safety Tripartite were established in different regions since Protected content . Being part of such a Tripartite, the demands these operations had, to gather relevant OHS information, to share best practices and to interact with other external companies to achieve ZERO HARM, were acknowledged.

It was then decided to design the Occupational Health & Safety Tripartite website.

You will notice that the website currently caters for the Limpopo Region. Working closely with Regulators and other Organisations, it was again decided to expand the website to cater for other regions within South Africa as well. Not only will the focus be on achieving ZERO HARM, but other divisions such Occupational Health/Hygiene including Fatigue Management and PPE, Women in Mining and Leadership, Social and Sustainable Development are also included.

For us to take this campaign to the next level, we require the support from each and everyone, individuals to the largest companies.

Now it’s up to you!! Are you ready to accept this challenge???

This is your moment!! Be exceptional, be caring, be supportive…….. together we can make a difference!!

If you would like to make a difference and to support us with this campaign, please click on Occupational Health & Safety Campaign.

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

“… I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do…” – Edward E. Hale

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