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I will preface by saying I m an old git. Old people have health issues. Having a scary-painful issue in a city where you have no friends or family can be off-putting at best, specially when you think the end is nigh.
I first tried dealing with my company's "expat in trouble, we do everything for you" insurer. What that got me was talking to call center operators half a world away and about an hour's worth of wasted time.
Then I remembered I had met a couple of impressive young people associated with the embassy at our last get together and while I was not going to bother them, it triggered "call the Embassy". A Marine answered, after my brief story, within two minutes I was talking to the Post Medical Officer, an ACTUAL Doctor who heard my story, explored by health background, gave me sound advise and pointed me to a Hospital which I could get myself to. It is now some days later. Was in the hospital some days, visited an operating room and was discharged, last Friday. THAT is what being a U.S. Citizen can mean. I remained in touch with the Embassy doctor and I will be forever thankful to him personally and to our government.

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