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For those who like me, are bored stiff and have a vehicle, I thought I would tell you about the way I killed my Saturday.....
I have taken many a trip down to Valencia, Coro, Barquisimento due to work. I always drive, as the minute I figured out the way this economy runs, I fired Venezuelan airlines, en masse. I am not about to get on a flying device that depends on the government of anywhere to get its spare parts.... I digress
Anyways, there I was staring at the map, looking for some kind of loop that would not force me to go and come back on the same road. Well, I did what I call "A LAP OF EL AVILA"
With hindsight, it is good that I have an SUV, as what I did is just not doable in a normal car. I don't have a 4x4 but a nice largish 4x2 is essential. I took the freeway out of Caracas going west and headed for the resort town of Higuerote. That was a breeze and if you are looking for nice, uncrowded beaches, this is where you should go. It is less than Protected content and may be two hours away due to traffic. If you leave early enough, you should avoid any slowdowns and be there rather quickly.
I actually thought I would check out Higuerote town and that was a big dissappointment. Crowded, dirty and no redeeming qualities to speak of. Then again, I was bent on going all around El Avila by goint to the coast and then coming back on the road that hugs the coast and brings you back to La Guaira and then of course on the evil freeway up to town from the airport.
The complete loop is like Protected content , about Protected content Higuerote and the rest a true "adventure road", with most of it either paved or cemented, but narrow and ever so twisty. My first "oooppps' was having to ford a deepish river and then I did face 10 Kms. of dirt road with a few very hairy muddy spots. All were handled with aplomb by my vehicle. This short part is what requires an SUV for the adventure. Rewards were many, apart from the stupendous views of dense vegetation, sea shores, and rural areas, a surprisingly cute Puerto Frances, a run down but worth a visit Chirimena (both involve detours from the main route) and then a whole series of small beaches/resorts wich are far away from the main beaches near La Guaira but were noted for future returns such as Todasana, Oritapo, Playa Paraiso, Caruao. Closer in (on the way towards Caracas) the road improves considerably both in quality and view as you are truly hugging the seashore. La Punta de Los Caracas, and Punta Care also looked worth a visit. Nearer in, the resorts seem to lose all charm as buses were seen aplenty and that means crowds. The last part of the journey, once you get into the suburbs of La Guaira and get near Maiquetia, well, not great, but that is the way the road runs. Saturday afternoon Caracas traffic was kind to me and I was able to reach my humble abode in El Rosal without much hassle. All in all, a good dayn particularly if you like driving in uncrowded roads, which I do. Hope this is of help to some of you.

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