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Neighborhood / new areas reccomendations ? (Caracas)

Dear All,

Muy buenos dias! :-)

I'm sure maybe this question has already been answered in the forums but is there a link to the most recent / updated neighborhood reccomendations ? I couldn't find the updated one.

I am planning a short trip to CCS in a month and after reading the reviews online, I am considering to stay in Altamira near the UK Embassy / Spanish Consulate area and I do speak Spanish (of course not with a caraqueno accent...) and I have previously spent time in Bogota, Medellin, Lima, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo etc so I usually try to be aware of my surroundings and have an idea on where to go or not, carrying decoy wallet, old phone etc...

Do you have any new suggestions regarding where to spend some quality time in CCS ? Is Altamira and nearby neighborhoods ''the'' area to spend time to be on the safe side generally speaking or are there other areas where you'd reccommend as well ? Any suggestions for daily excursions to nearby towns / cities ?

I plan to stay in CCS for Protected content (lamentablemente...)

Muchisimas gracias de antemano!


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