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venezuelan national ID cards (Caracas)

Hi - Hope someone can give some advice please. May be someone who works in the Venezuelan Embassy/Government Office.

My daughter-in-law is Venezuelan moved to the UK when she was 16 with her 6 month old daughter. Since living in the UK Protected content - has never returned to Venezuela as her family moved to various South American countries and Europe. She recently had a problem in that she lost her and her daughters passports (venezuelan) and on going to the Embassy in London was advised that as her daughter was now 9 years old now she would have to obtain a Venezuelan ID card for her before a replacement passport could be issued?? This would mean that she would have to go to Venezuela to get the ID card!

Is this correct or is there a way she can obtain the ID card from the Venezuelan Embassy in London, or does her daughter actually need an ID card if she will not be returning to there??

Thank you.

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