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Cardiff Comic Con

This weekend is the Cardiff Comic Con, so if you like this kind of event join me!!

I'll be going on Saturday around 10am as for buying a ticket on the day, they cost £8, it will take to queue for an hour at least... I hope this doesn't put you off but I prefer stating the facts so there are no surprises....

There are few interesting guest from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter

Jason Momoa "Khal Drogo"
Ellie Kendrick "Meera Reed"
Finn Jones "Ser Loras Tyrell, The Knight of Flowers"

Shirley Henderson "Moaning Myrtle"

Sylvester McCoy " Radagast the Brown" from The Hobbit

and for a fiver you can have a picture taken on "The Iron Throne" from Game of Thrones or the Tardis Console "interior" from Doctor Who.

if you want more information this is the link:

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