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Expatriation to come (Cardiff)

I'm Coralie and I'm French. I'm planning to expatriate soon and I choose Cardiff as my destination. I was an Erasmus student in Sheffield from september Protected content February Protected content while I was there, I went to different cities as a tourist, including Cardiff. I only spent few days there (and I know visiting is very different from actually living somewhere) but I did fell in love with this city. With that in mind, I want to be as prepared as possible for what to come.
With that in mind, I do have a few questions regarding living there and I figured the best way was to ask the people who knows best!
My main questions are about housing and work. How hard is it to find a job there? Is there a lot of unemployment? I have a master degree in History, I do realise it will probably not help me get a job, however, I do have some skills not related to History . I don't mind getting a job as a waitress.
As for housing... how expensive it is? I'm thinking something small but furnished like a studio (one room with everything in it) or a little bigger with a separate bedroom. Since I had a bad experience with flatmates, I'd rather avoid that... However, I'm open to change my mind if it's more suitable financially speaking.
Finally (for now) How expensive is it to live in Cardiff? I remembered that the few days I was in London, everything was pretty much expensive, but it was cheaper in Sheffield. Would you say it's hard to make ends meet? I'm not exactly a spender, I'm talking bare necessities (food, housing, bills like electricity, water, internet, phone).
Thanks for reading and thanks for your help, I can't wait to be there for good!

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