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Internations Q&A (Cardiff)

Since this section of Cardiff Forum is called Expat Q&A and I do not see a lot of Qs or As in here, I thought this idea of nominating one member of Cardiff group to answer 9 simple questions about living abroad in Wales.

The questions can be changed if you want of course, they are only provisional.
Once you have been nominated, you'll have to post your answers and after that nominate other member.

These are the questions:

Where are you from?

What's your occupation or speciality?

Where in the world were you before moving to Wales?

Name your favourite spot in Cardiff.

Now your favourite place in Wales.

Come on, show off and type something in Welsh.

Is there anything in Cardiff in particular that you have not found before in any other place?

Apart from yours, what nationality would you like to be?

Why do you attend Internations' get-togethers?

My first nominated is Stuart. I know he doesn't read this forum very often, so start messaging him, or twinkling, also tell him if you see him around in the street.

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