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Great housemaid searching for a job in Casablanca

Hi Guys,

Im Dutch and lived in the past a few years in Casablanca. During which I had a housemaid called Ghizlaine (for cleaning and cooking purpose) on a daily basis. I had quite a few other housemaids before her, since it is difficult finding a good one in this massive African city. Unfortunately for her I had to go back to the Netherlands, and now she is in search of a job again.

Since she has been very kind and a good worker I try to help her by adding this post.

Ghizlaine is a young women wearing a headscarf, she is quite punctual, is trustforthy handling money and doing grosseries, a great cook, and honest (not grabbing any food, be honest when something broke and not answering yes when it's no) I used to pay her around Protected content a month (total of 6days/week) for up to 4 hours a day for some house cleaning - laundry - grosseries - setting up a lunch and dinner preperation and once a week she worked an entire day to clean the entire house (70m2) as well. And once in a while I gave some more money (since these people are poor) This might give you an idea of how much to pay her. depending on your situation (single - couple etc.)

Since she worked 2,5 to 4 hours per day, she didn't eat during her work. (although I wouldn't have mind if she did snatched a little thing..) Also I gave her every official holidays off even if she insisted to work and gave her off and gave her some money to buy some medicine that one or two times she got a cold.

So Ghilzaine is searching a job in Casablanca and not outside or to far from the city center. And she wishes to travel back to her home after her work (if Im correct) She speaks only a few words french but with some patience and just using a few words arabic that you'll learn in a minute (more-less-later-I don't know-maybe-this is good - this is bad - throw away - etc.) you'll be able to communicate whatever you need to, as I did as well.

If you are interested, please just let me know and I'll give you her phone number, and you guys can set up an appointment etc. Im only connecting. I'd fully trust her but best to make up a little contract with a copy of her ID as it's a formality.

Cheers Joris

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