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I'm looking for new house!! (Casablanca)

I live in californie in Casablanca. I like living in this area. but from this semester I'm sending my son to American school. I don' t have a car now. so I wanna move to near American school. To take my son to school and back is a littel bit hard. coz taking a taxi is not easy. when I sent my son to french school before. there were school buses there. but American school has no school bus.

I'm looking for the house that is kind of compound house. I don't know how to explain about that kind of houses. some houses are in the same area.and there is a security. so people who live in that house, they can share fence and a security together.
and the house I looking for must be in walking distance....
if you have good information about that. plz~~ leave me message. I'm in a hurry for that. thanks...

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