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Looking for uper management postiion in Morocco (Casablanca)

Hello All,
my name is Nizar Azarkane originally from Morocco but have been in the US for over 18 years. I did my studies here and have been working in different sales and managerial positions. I currently hold a director of sales in the second largest telecom company in the US, Centurylink, but want to come back to Morocco for family reason and am hoping to find someone that could help me secure a job in Morocco prior to my move. As you all know without connections there it is hard to find something respectable and my hope is that I can make some good friends here that could help with the transition. Please let me know if you can help and we can connect by email or phone. I look forward to hear from this savior and kind person that would guide this well accomplished professional settle back in my country of origin:).
Kind regards,

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