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Relocation questions about moving pet dogs (Casablanca)

Hi All,
Presently living and working in Cairo, Egypt and due to arrive in Casablanca this time next year.
Will take in approx 6 months in London between.
Have two pet dogs lab X collies. We know our accomadation provided has a garden.
Would like some other pet owners to give us the full low down on having pets arrive cargo in Morroco, which airline is best, do you need a official 'fixer' to get through the paperwork, which vet?
We also raw feed the dogs so need a steady supply of fresh chicken carcasses. ( in Cairo I get them straight from a farm butcher) fresh fish and eggs! Both dogs happy and healthy and hopefully ready for the next adventure, is it possible to walk the dogs on the beaches or is it forbidden?
Other interests we both have are Squash, tennis, Pilates and TRX suspension training are these all possible locally?
How easy as a spouse accompanying to find paid employ? ( I am pretty versatile over the years gained a varied skill set)
I'm a cook and baker, are there any ingredients trickier to source as I love entertaining.
And is there a expat Christian fellowship group or church?
How easy is it to settle and feel part of the Casablanca community, expat and local?
Any tips for the relocation or perspectives of what worked well for you I am happy to read.
This will be our tenth overseas move covering past 25 years.
Look forwards to hearing.

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