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Shortly arriving in Casablanca

Hello all, my wife and I are arriving in Casa in the New Year and would be interested to meet other expats when we arrive. We'll look for any get togethers posted here, but are also wondering about the following:

1/ running clubs - is there a branch of the Hash House Harriers in Casa, or anyone interested in starting one? Or just an informal running group?
2/ cricket - the British Embassy are apparently funding the roll out of cricket training in Moroccan schools, has anyone heard anything about this?
3/ is there a decent street map of Casa available locally?
4/ are there any bars with Sky Sports for the football, cricket, rugby etc?

My wife is going to be teaching English - I will (for the first time as an expat) have time on my hands and therefore would be very interested to learn of any activities going on. We would also very much appreciate any advice as to good areas to live - we want to be able to get around the city and have easy access to stores, markets, bars, restaurants, etc. Not so bothered about sea views and swimming pools given our budget is in the EUR300/400 month range. Is a 2 bed apartment in a central location realistic for this price?

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me, looking forward to meeting people in Casa!


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