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Traffic vs Boredom dilemma - where to live? (Casablanca)

Hi all! Just moved to Casablanca with my wife, and we have a dilemma about where to rent. We are mid-30s, no kids, and will be working in Sidi Maarouf. Cost is not an issue. Some friends have said to live near the Twin Center / Boulevard Abdellatif Ben Kaddour area, because it is fun and lively, but we are concerned about the daily work commute given the traffic we've seen so far. We had been thinking about living in Californie, since it is so close to the office and on the airport side of town (we both travel almost 50%), but having strolled through the area today it seems like there is nothing to do within walking distance of the residential areas - i.e. Families only?

It seems that if you work in Sidi Maarouf, you either live in boring Californie or else in centre-ville and have to deal with traffic and a long daily commute - is there no happy medium?

We just arrived, and would love to hear any & all advice....Cheers!

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