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  • Gustavo De faz

    The quality of InterNations' members convinced me to join. And I've indeed received a very warm welcome from fellow Lisbon expats..

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Boa tarde and welcome to our expat community in enchanting Cascais, a thriving city shaped by Portuguese kings and European royalty. From the moment you make your decision to move, InterNations is here to support you. Being a member of our helpful community gives you the comfort of knowing that experienced expats in Cascais are ready to help you solve your dilemmas. Your InterNations account will let you find the answers for questions such as "how do I qualify for healthcare?", "how do I start my own business?", and "how do I travel around Cascais?", be it through our dedicated guide articles or direct advice from fellow expats. You'll also find your way to social activities to make new friends from all over the world.

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  • Some questions
    4 replies
    Jun 20, 2:56 PM

    Hello For anyone else looking up for Gyms, Fitness Hut in Cascais, close to the entrance/exit of A5 highway is a great gym and with a very accessible price, around 30Euros/ month. You have free …

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The glistening ocean has long formed the center of the fishing industry in Cascais. Today, fishing is still present, but it's the tourism industry that has made this one of the richest municipalities in Portugal. With the "Seven Seven" bus service and excellent transport links to the capital, Cascais is easy to navigate around and commute from. If you choose to work in the tourist industry you'll need a good understanding of English, Portuguese and Spanish to cater to the main tourist demographic, but the proximity to the capital means there are opportunities within education, where foreign teachers are in demand, in business, with links to major companies, and in tourism, where there are a variety of jobs available at the many hotels. In and around Cascais, there is a surprising range of museums to explore and for the more active among you, excellent tennis, golf, and water sports facilities to discover. Cascais has a thriving nightlife which includes the popular casino in Estoril and of course, a variety of international cuisines (and budgets) are catered for.

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InterNations provides a safe and friendly environment for you to interact with like-minded expats. Turn to our forum for answers to specific questions from the tricky paperwork conundrums to the everyday recommendations of a wonderful restaurant. You may also want to socialize with our members in real life at DinnerNations Cascais, InterNations Cascais Outdoor Activities, or join in with the InterNations Cascais Rejuvenile Club. If your interests and hobbies aren't yet covered by one of our groups, you are also more than welcome to start your own and get together with like-minded members! Plus, we also organize larger InterNations Official Events where you'll find that you're part of our busy community of interesting and talented global minds.

  • Gustavo De faz

    The quality of InterNations' members convinced me to join. And I've indeed received a very warm welcome from fellow Lisbon expats..

  • Melanie S. Hamann

    InterNations Events in Lisbon are great - I love the rightfully popular events organized by our friendly Ambassador team.

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