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LJ Design Ltd- Landscape designer (Chengdu)

L.J. Design Limited is an international architecture practice with offices in California, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Our practice includes award-winning architecture and design with a diverse background, and with extensive experience in different geographic locations, and in a range of building types and scales, including commercial towers, large-scale mixed-use complexes, exhibitions and cuitural facilities, hotels, residential complexes as well as interiors.

At the heart of L.J.’s work is a commitment to finding innovative and creative design solutions. We are not limited by known methods. We continue to move forward by questioning the ‘norm’ and utilizing our creativity and knowledge to develop new methodologies and design strategies.

L.J. Design Limited also believes architecture is a dialogue between space, time, people and nature. Architecture is not merely about creating iconic buildings but is about how people moves around and experience the space, it is also about how buildings communicate with nature and its surrounding environment. L.J. Design always attempt to explore on this intrinsic property and beauty of architecture. And we are dedicated to the creation of sustainable, forward-looking designs that exhibit timeless and enduring qualities.

Landscape designer:


1 responsible for project team to create,manage its relevant techniques for landscape project, and its follow-up of its implementations.

2 Responsible for its relevant budget and control its further costs.

3 Plan its schedule in order to take responsibilities for the project.

4 Organizing brainstorming conferences and meetings internally, provide reports as required.

5 Share the same goal and value,increase productivity and its work efficiency.

6 Fulfill other responsibilities as required.

Your expertise:

1 5 year above landscape designing experience, can provide the most creative design and concept.

2 coordinate with other designers and team members.

3 Work independently is a must, obsessed with details.

4Familiar with relevant regulations, familiar with SU/PHOTO/CAD/office and its relevant editing.

5 Strong communication/express skills,reports regularly during the process to your customers.

6 Can handle multiple project at the same time.

7 Top of the list for those who are excellent at sketch.


1 Bachelor and above,majored in architectural, environment art,gardening,city scheme.

2 at least 4 years work experience in relevant fields, Protected content work experience of project manager.

3 Familiar with various landscape style,full control of its results/output/effects.

4 Honest,integrity,hard-working,passionate and responsible,can handle pressure and challenges.

5 Fluent in foriegn language and daily communications.

If you are interested, please contact :(CN)Tel: Protected content Protected content

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