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Main Ex-Pat communities for rental properties? (Chennai)

Company I work for is looking at the potential of an initial 2yr relocation to Chennai. Package is still being put together but I need information to know what will be required for a decent standard of living with my family and 2 children.

First question is........Where do I look for accommodation?
Preference initially is to stay near/in Ex-Pat gated communities.
I've heard ECR(East Coast Road) mentioned but don't know the area. Please advise and any idea on cost of 4 bedroom apartments/villas in such communities.

Second question is...........Where are the English/American/ International schools(for 8yr old) located and nurseries(for 3yr old)? Obviously next question...........any idea of costs?

Third question is............Which are the best websites for local Chennai ExPats that I can contact for more definitive questions/info?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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