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Networking in Anna Nagar (Chennai)

Hi, I am an American married to an Indian woman and we have been living with her family here in Anna Nagar for the last year. We don't live in a part of town where it is convenient to step out and get things done. Moreover, we are both quite busy with our schedules which has made it hard for us to be very social. I have found at least one group of expats who get together regularly but the distance and car/driver/taxi situation make it difficult for us.

I see on the various threads that there are at least a handful of people living in the Anna Nagar area. I would be interested in meeting with people in the area to just hang out, dinner, drinks, wii sports, whatever. :D

If you are interested, please send me an email.
chennai (at) mail (dot) gohsman (dot) com

Warm regards,

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