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the usual questions about how is living in chennai (Chennai)

Hello Internations from Chennai!
I am glad to see there is a good community there, the internations friend helped me a lot in Brisbane.

Coming to the question, I have got a job proposal in Chennai so i am asking your help to understand how is life there, either as a foreigner point of wiew as well as the cost of life...

I will have the accomodation provided so I wonder how much will I encounter as expenses for e.g. food, internet, public transport, dining out, sport structures, the usual things.

And what about the hygienic conditions? I have got a friend scaring me about heaps of infection waiting just for a not used hymmune system to pass by to attack.. humm...

and more on a general note, how is life there? is it safe for a woman alone to walk around, go to the beach, etc? Are indians welcoming foreigners or do they keep on a side? How do you find be there, what do you like and what you don't?

I know is a wide topic but I am looking for informations before making my decision...
thanks to you and hope to see you soon!


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