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Home-Schooling/un-Schooling/Life Learning HangDong (Chiang Mai)

Tired of the Schooling Options in Chiang Mai?

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“Creativity is as important as literacy.” ― Ken Robinson

“When children are interested, learning happens." Surgata Mitra

*No religious foundation to program; we welcome, respect and explore any and all ways of being.

WE OFFER THE HIGHEST QUALITY EDUCATION AT THE LOWEST COST IN CHIANG MAI (= AMAZING VALUE). ***For the cost of one hour of private, music lesson, we offer an entire school day with highly individualized attention to all aspects of learning and growing.

We are currently seeking non-profit status; however, this will take 6 to 12 months to acquire. In the meantime, we will work as a **cooperative homeschooling** group of families.

We are looking for families in Chiang Mai who may be interested ‘homeschooling’ their children.

We are able currently able to include up to 5 more more children (ages 6 to 10).

We offer a homeschooling environment that is extremely rich in activity: art, music (instrument lessons), trips/travel, helping others, gardening/working-the-earth, cooking, playing and fun, life-learning, outdoor (nature) education and so much more…

The homeschooling program in general: English as language of instruction, Thai language, in-house mother-tongue support and home-support in mother-tongue maintenance and development, trans-disciplinary, inquiry-based, child-centered, whole-life-learning, interest-driven (please read the book, The Element by Ken Robinson), and I promise you the best possible program based on current research and practice (contact me and let’s talk). We have a highly qualified and experienced group of educators working on this project…

We have an excellent music department (piano, guitar, ukuleles, harmonica, and we will be including bass and some drums and whatever else evolves). We enthusiastically encourage all children to engage a musical instrument.

We have a well rounded program with academic emphasis on literacy, humanities, science and mathematics; we practice whole-life learning quite often driven by student interest (trans-disciplinary curriculum, inquiry for instruction and differentiated assessments). We will teach some abstract math in the elementary program (please see Finland’s approach); math also will be taught daily via activities like cooking, gardening, making things, etc.

We plan a very exciting learning community (school but NOT like school) where all children may thrive; we aim to help children to discover and nurture what Ken Robinson refers to as their element, and to learn about life, humanity and the universe all in a kind/caring and supportive atmosphere.

“The element refers to the experience of personal talent meeting personal passion.” –Ken Robinson

We are going to run the program with a balanced and highly individualized curriculum, instruction and assessment and reporting practices. Education for the nurturing of one's whole-being in its pursuit of happiness; The intellectual, emotional, physical, social, creative, musical and existential are fundamental aspects of the whole-being and to what Dreams Come True uses as a foundation from which to learn and grow.

We have large classrooms (NOT traditional classrooms) and smaller rooms too, lots of artwork, music studio (jam space with instruments), fields of green for play, plenty of nature to nurture accordingly, huge kitchen, playground and whatever else evolves along the way.

Please email me if you are interested, know someone who may be interested or just want to talk about homeschooling, un-schooling, whole-life learning, multicultural education, emotional quotient, educating for the whole being (whole child) or education in general.

A great place to interact with other home-schoolers in Chiang Mai:

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Kindest regards,
Dreams Come True Education

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