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Royal Orchid Collection (Chiang Mai)

This may sound a little strange but it's all true! 100% of it.

When I was little girl, my father would be invited to dinners and lunches by some amazing organizations. ( he worked in education), one day he gave me some sort of advertisement, it had a glossy folder and cards inside with information. Since I was half asleep at this time. I didn't really pay full attention to how he had such a thing of beauty. All I know is a treasured it for years. And to this day I still marvel at the beauty of it.

Recently I have decided to start a small business. And I am looking for a wholesale supplier. As a result I remember that name of the company and looked it up (via Google) I have tried reaching out to them without success via email(s) to both of their sites. I am wondering if anyone else has had contact with them at all or knows if there has been a change in management? ( maybe the business was sold? Or an heir took over)? From what I can piece together, the business is in Chang Mai, and there is a show room. How ever I can't seem to reach them on Social Media either ( I tried Instagram's direct message approach). If Anyone one has a contact or information it would be greatly appreciated.

I am of course speaking of Royal Orchid Company, or ROC? I am unable to reach them. I really have no desire to call them either. But it may come to that.

Thank you to anyone of you who take the time to read this.

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