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Coworking on the Northside? (Chicago)



Is there anyone who works remotely that is interested in coworking around northside Chicago? Would want to keep any group to a maximum of four people. Would be looking to cowork with people who have similar interests including:

- Learning Spanish and/or Arabic
- Independent Films
- Playing Tennis
- Volunteer/Non-Profit Work
- Working Abroad
- Reading Books
- Sustainable Living
- Politics (I'm an Independent)
- Eating Out
- If you're a Michigan Grad, Michigan Football

That way, when we cowork, we can integrate some other activities between working or outside of working for personal development or for fun. If that sounds good to you, just send me a message so we can get started.

About me:
I am a 27 year old engineer who works remotely while pursuing my interests and am trying to start an online non-profit, but am still figuring things out. I am not really into social networking sites (ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) since I prefer a smaller group of friends with similar interests that I see in person rather than a large group of friends online.

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