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Exploring Co-creating Worldwide Eco Villages (Chicago)

I’ve been studying eco building techniques and permaculture, preparing and working in manifesting an eco-sustainable network of eco-villages around many countries, to serve as a civilization type I habitat that welcomes and is open to existing members from their sister eco-villages around the planet, sharing and learning, remembering and re-calling their togetherness, their journey of evolutive synergy.
Imagine, eating food that you grow in your land, micronutrients essential for our wellbeing. Playing with animals that we rescued from cruel environments.

Privacy is a must, so every part of this village will respect the principles of our habitat. We will share some of the space and empower ourselves to thrive in an environment that supports all of us.

Having houses made by us, anti-seismic, fire proof, earthquake resistant, with lasting materials provided by our majestic planet, water, sand, clay and straw bales, bottles, tires and aircrete. Having animals (not to be eaten, but to play with, to enjoy their magnificent energy and to collaborate in the transition that we are co-creating with the cosmic forces).

Having a holistic based education for our little ones, respect for nature and the profound flow with our planet. Learning from these upcoming generations. Working together in manifesting a transition to a type of civilization based in harmony, peace, love and collaboration. Full of activities that bring JOY everyday in our lives: Yoga, Astrology, Dance, Archery, Meditation, Taichi, Art, Music, Ayurveda, Kabbalah and more...

Our greenhouses will provide so much more food than our families need. Together we will learn new ways to gather the light and energy of our nature and astral forces. We will find the most efficient ways to supply our needs for electricity and more. Solar, Wind Power and Biomass.
Only organic food production, aquaponics, permaculture, hydroponics, etc.

Our community will allow residents to own their own land and eco-house (built by us in artistic one of a kind way). These houses can be used for co-housing (like airb&b), if desired by the resident of course, or for agroturism.

Our network with sister eco sustainable communities, which are developing and growing yearly, will allow each resident to rotate as a room opens for them in other countries. With agroturism in place, tourists will be able to visit each of these and learn about new ways of living and sharing, a transitional way to a civilization based on the golden age principles of accepting our past lives connection, of loving each other, communicating in a pro-solution way, and raising our kids in the most holistic way possible.

With fun work to do everyday, our lives will transcend the stupidity of working for money, rather we are working to enjoy life. And those like us that work for money because we truly enjoy what we do, will continue doing it if wanted, traveling outside the community as necessary. But with housing provided, and in most cases, due to the low and affordable cost of owning your lot and eco house (notice that the cost of labor and ridiculous materials used today to build houses is really expensive, and takes over 30 years to pay for!!!) you will not have to work outside the community if you don't want to.

This new model of living allows each of us to not have a mortgage (mort= muerte or death).
This is a network of light lovers.

We are inspired to work as ONE
Our workshops will be open to the public, travelers and tourists, future students and explorers. Nomads by nature we are all!
Our classes will all be guaranteed. Our work will also be for trade. If someone can't pay they can trade labor (we will need a lot of help building the eco-houses, clubhouse, sustainable environments like greenhouses, and more.

Due to the difficulties with the zoning department and the costs involved with starting a small eco village, we are deciding for now to subdivide our property and build as explained above. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to meet to explore doing this with us.

Our sustainable ways will be using: Solar, Wind power, Rocket mass heaters, thermal mass heater, radiant floors, rain water cisterns, green roofs, composting ways, building with recyclable materials, and more.

This is food for our hearts.
Whether this is for you or not, we are ONE and we are here to co-create, collaborate in the wave of synergy.
We are going to work together. In fact, we are already bioenergetically working together.
So let’s explore this, please share it with those you feel intuitive alliance with, with those who may want to be part in creating this network with me.

As you know, this is not about religion, in fact, this is about holistic awareness of living a life we know we can live. That we can collaborate in assisting together. Lets explore co-creating a network.

This is not my idea, there are many eco sustainable communities around the world...

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