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Irish Professional (Chicago)

Hope all is well all,

My name is David O Shea and I am a Business & Technology Graduate from University College Cork in Ireland, with experience in consulting, customer service and project management roles.

I am looking to participate in a the Professional Career Training program which is an officially sponsored US Exchange program, which allows me to take up employment in the US for up to 18 months. I would be sponsored through the CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) and would have authorized US work papers on finding my own position. I would welcome any opportunities, contacts or advice in finding a relevant internship or job opening with an organization in Chicago.

I believe that my background in undergraduate/postgraduate studies, my communication skills and my work experience equip me to make a valuable contribution to any company. I also love dealing with people and am driven by results.

• Assurant ICUE Gold Award for Best Team Player
• Captained Various Sporting Teams

As part of the MBS in Information Systems for Business Performance program that I undertook in UCC, there was an emphasis on the need for computer literacy for improving business performance and possess excellent Microsoft Word and Excel skills. My initial Bachelor of Commerce degree also provided me with a solid foundation and insight into the workings of the business world. Modules such as Business Innovation and Business Continuity also proved quite valuable. There was also a strong focus on social media.
In addition to my studies, my previous experience also includes employment in the project management of a developing consultancy firm. The small size of this business has enabled me to have exposure to and participate in most aspects of managing a business, including budgeting, planning and marketing. I also feel that I could work well in a pressurized environment and possess good people skills as I have been made captain of a number of successful sporting teams. I always want to learn and derive satisfaction when the results become apparent.

I believe that my experiences and continuing education make me an excellent candidate for a traineeship or position with any company. I have gained professional experience in project management, cross-cultural teamwork, and creative problem solving though diverse work experiences including a start-up.

Please feel free to contact me via email, telephone or Skype should you have any questions, or wish to discuss further. Thank you in advance for your time.

David O’Shea

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