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Beijing Today

During your expat adventure in China, one of the most important things is to keep up with the news from your new home country. After all, part of being an expat is fully being immersed in a new environment! Newspapers and other relevant media should be daily companions of any expat.

Beijing Today is the flagship product of Beijing Today Media Center (BTMC), Beijing Youth Daily Group (BYDG) – one of the biggest and most influential media groups in China. Founded as the Chinese capital's first English newspaper, BTMC has been serving the expat community since May 2001. As such, it is widely regarded as one of Beijing's most authoritative English media sources.

The BTMC's news products aim to give foreign residents as well as Chinese readers the information needed to integrate into life in the capital. They cover popular news topics in the local community, entertainment opportunities, cultural events and affordable dining and shopping. Additionally, the culture and lifestyle sections contain exclusive content rarely covered by competing sites and publications.

Beijing Today specifically targets expatriates in Beijing, including members of embassies, international business people, enterprise senior managers and white collars, as well university students. As such, 74% of Beijing Today's readers are between the ages of 25 and 44.

BTMC's News Products


Beijing Today circulates 50,000 copies biweekly through direct marketing, newsstand sales, group purchases, subscriptions and promotions.
The newspaper's 16 pages are split into two big sections, Art and News, which contain only original content. While the Art section includes the categories Features, Music, Art, Entertainment, Travel, Food, as well as Classifieds, the News section includes sub-sections on News, Business, Education, as well as Embassy and News Releases.

Website has nearly 20 million readers globally. The column setup and the content covered on the website allow for a more diversified and affluent presentation than the newspaper. Updated daily, particularly the channels Art, Features, News, Humors and Food are very popular.


eDigest is Beijing Today's digital news products, which is distributed globally via email. 70% of the content of eDigest is different from the newspaper. As of August 2014, eDigest has been delivered to 38,000 readers per issue since its first launch on August 1, 2013.

Social Media

Beijing Today has several social media accounts with a total of more than 110,000 fans on Webo, Wechat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Issuu. 

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