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I had the bad experience today of purchasing an important and pricey item for my fiancée.

At first, I let the clerk know this was about 40% above my allocated budget, and told them we would have a coffee at a café to talk it over. We went back to the store and I paid cash.

When I returned home, the store clerk called and spoke to my fiancée and not me, saying that the item (WEDDING DRESS) was actually twice the amount I paid for it, (and did not receive a receipt after asking 3 times for a receipt.)

They expect her to return the dress tomorrow.
No mention of accommodation for Taxi to and from the store, or pain and suffering, and we had a big fight over this.

The store had plenty of time during my coffee break to get the price right.

If there are any Moldovan attorneys that could add their 2 lei of advice on handling the situation, I would be glad to hear opinions or Moldovan legal options.

The way I see it, the expense could be a lot higher to the business owner if this causes irreconcilable differences between my fiancée and me. She is very emotionally stressed out now with less than 2 weeks to go and no wedding dress.

Most of my American friends think that the clerk had a conversation with her manager and mentioned she sold one of her most expensive dresses to a foreigner, and that he is now trying to extort more cash from me.

BTW, my bride is absolutely in love with THIS dress!!!

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