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Returning to Moldova. (Chisinau)

Hello my name is Evelina,

I was born in Chisinau and moved to America as a child. It's been over 20 years now and I do visit on and off.

I am planning on returning full time and am wondering what job opportunities there are for a fluent English speaker. I see there are many teaching jobs but I am not TESOL/TEFL certified.

I hold an Associate's Degree and Pharmacy Technician Degree. My experience ranges in secretarial, restaurant, pharmacy and nannying. I have relative fluency in Russian speaking and can read but will need to brush up on my writing.

I do have family in the business community in Chisinau but am inquiring on a personal level for English focused jobs.

Are there any expat meetups in Chisinau? Any connections would be greatly appreciated.

I plan to be settled and ready to move in August but can leave as early as next month depending on the need.

Thank you!

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