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Animal care and safty: meditation on 12.12.12 (Cologne)

Hello Dear Friends and Members ( Meditation for , Animal Care & Safty, all Animals on 12.12.12)health and peace for all! I am happy to join with you all for a meditation ! I have a small request to you all. please do one minute meditation for all Animals on this day, whenever you want and whereever you are/want. I start meditating at 5 O'clock and ends at 6 o'clock. so you can also join anytime in this hour for mininum 1 minute. we can collectively meditate for all animals safty on the earth.

your one minute can leads to so increase much positive energy on the earth!

use your mind power to increase positive Energy on the earth for protecting all living beings! health and peace for all!

I am happy to answer any question/s from you. Any questions please send me a personally . thanks and regards. health and peace ! Sri Vishnu Pala

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