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Any job opportunity for Chinese native speaker? (Cologne)

Hello everybody!

First of all I'd like to appreciate this great forum and your attention since I'm new here.

As Chinese mother tongue with two bachelor degrees I've been living and working in Italy for almost 7 years. Owing to the excessively serious crisis and the really disappointing situation in Italy, I've decided to move out. Apart from the work experience in the international commerce world, I've also got advanced English, German and Italian language skills. Fortunately I happen to meet up a part-time job opportunity in Cologne from a GmbH company and for this reason I'm going to leave Italy and within the end of this year I'll give it a go in Germany.

Very often I hear about the famous ''Arbeitserlaubnis'' in Germany as a compulsory permit that every non-EU migrant (who possesses the Permanent Residence Permit) must obtain. As a matter of fact, I've got no idea if the incoming part-time contract will be sufficient for the release of the Arbeitserlaubnis. If not, I'll be forced to search another full-time job in order to work in Cologne in a proper and legal way.

Anyone of you ever encountered this kind of situation? How did you proceed with the issue of the ''Arbeitserlaubnis''? Generally speaking, there are job opportunities for Chinese native speakers in Cologne? Can I have some practical advice from you?

Thanks in advance! I wish you all a good time!



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