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Apartment sought, min. 2 rooms (Cologne)

I am looking for an apartment with at least 2 rooms. My preferred neighborhood is Ehrenfeld, but am open to considering other possibilities.

I am over 40 years old, a non-smoking, German-speaking American who has lived for over 10 years in Germany. I am successfully self-employed, responsible. I have neither children nor house pets. Outgoing yet quiet, friendly with my neighbors, with a love of gardening (I grow vegetables).

The apartments: a minimum of 2 rooms, at least 50 square meters, sunny, quiet, with a bathroom of course (and preferably one with a bathtub). I’d rather have a kitchen already available. Basic rent should be under Protected content per month (and total costs must not exceed Protected content per month). It would be great to have nice neighbors, as well as a balcony, terrace or garden access. The earliest I am looking is for mid-November; better probably is Dec. 1.