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Dance each night away (Cologne)

Salsa, samba, rhumba, swing, tango, waltz, disco fox… so many dances, so little time! Well, I suppose I don’t want to go dancing _every_ night, but certainly -- a lot! To have my fun, I am seeking play partners. Note the plural: one would be … yawn! So much better with many. Now, wait, I am just talking about dancing! And forming a dance circle. My idea? The more, the merrier – we create a group and then go out together. Then all night long, we change partners. No, really, I am just talking about dancing! Jeez! OK, let me try again. In my experience, it is nice to have a regular dance partner, but sometimes that other person just doesn’t want to dance to as many songs or go out as much as I do. Then what’s a girl to do? Problem is solved when I have a circle of dance buddies. Besides, dancing with more than one person makes you a better dancer, keeps you – literally – on your toes! And that's just where I want to be. Often. You too? Then write back, drop me a line, say yes, and let’s go! All levels are welcome, as are people who follow traditional dance gender roles and those who don’t.

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