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Fancy different locations or Stammtisch ? (Cologne)

Hi Everyone

Of lately both in the Dusseldorf as well as the Cologne Internations group the expectations regarding standard / event setting have been discussed also in context to the 8 EUR entry fee now levied at general events. In addition there was the question of coordinating locations between the various groups Bonn, Dusseldorf, Cologne (and now also Aachen and Ruhrgebiet).

The trends seem to be going for three types of meetings
1. Fancy and changing location (Barcelo Cologne, Hyatt or Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf) which a lot of people attend, are happy to pay for and which are fun, but difficult to plan far ahead. Exclusive Internations event, etc. the full works.
2. The desire to have a regular Stammtisch after work, possibly without entry fee and just the opportunity to have a few beers. In Dusseldorf this is catered for by the Meetup group, in Cologne not yet really.
3. Informal and small events, such as 10 people meeting at a Japanese restaurant or going to the Schützenfest.

I particularly enjoyed the event at the Overseas club, as I am on the whole more the casual afterwork person and am quite happy the moment I got a good pint in a comfortable location, and I don't need a 12 EUR Cocktail, but people might disagree.

What I would like to ask is a quick show of hands or your opinions whether 1 or 2 are preferred, or whether you could see the ambassadors mainly taking care of item 1, and we all agree on a casual Stammtisch at the Overseas club, e.g. every 2nd Wednesday or Thursday of the month, which is kept non-exclusive (the more the merrier), but then also lifting some of the pressure off the ambassadors to find something perfect every month and really then just gunning for the top locations when and where they get them.

What do you think ?

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