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From surviving to thriving (Cologne)

Hi everyone!
I'm playing with some ideas around a workshop/training that would be based on addressing some of the biggest issues that expats face living in a foreign country. I have my own ideas based on my own experience but would love to hear from YOU.
Perhaps you've been here for a short time, or maybe the years have rolled by. It might also be that you've come on the arm of your partner who has the job but you don't. You've got kids, or not. Everyone has their own wonderful story but I'm guessing there are some really common themes.
Just to kick start things I thought I'd mention some that come to my mind.
Challenges around:
integration, fitting in, not fitting in, no clear goals, taking each day as it comes, belonging, not belonging, and so on.
I look forward to your comments and please feel free to send me a personal message if you'd prefer.

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