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Getting a Job in Germany (Cologne)

Hi!Everyone. for my previous thread i think is better to say more precisely. actually i am thinking to start travelling and discover the in the first step is to find a stable location abroad which is more suitable for me than being a bagpacker only ;P . and Germany is on target! because it is the country that really attract me even though i know really less about i am trying to find out if there is any job opportunity . but i dont know any German so far except basic greeting phrase which make me dont feel confident at all of getting a job there...i would love to learn German of course but just because right now i am learning Spanish, honestly it is really hard to learn both at the same time :*... i am well educated and having 4 years working experience at follow up orders and marketing in a French trading company and i can speak fluent english,chinese ( Mandarin / Cantonese and basic Spanish, so i just want to know if speaking good German is a must or not if i wanna get an office job there???

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